So the camel-silk blend from the last post…

(you remember it, right? Well, please let me remind you, because you totally need some of this:

See? I told you.)

…did NOT cost $125, which I realized I implied. It is Oasis, from the uber talented and exceedingly nice Kim (The Woolen Rabbit‘s mastermind). It’s only $26 for 375 of the yummiest yards I’m likely to work with. And it’ll be perfect for a beret next winter. Or whatever you want to make from it, because I urge you to go visit that site right now and snag yourself some. It’s divine. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

There, don’t you feel better?

Last weekend was completely gorgeous weather around these parts, and in addition to a ton of hiking we embarked on a major spring cleaning. I love cleaning, and I love a freshly-decluttered and clean room even more. Look! I have a craft room again! It turns out that there was one buried under the winter’s worth of cruft.

I had fun re-sorting the stash (the 3 bins you see under/next to the desk), rediscovering old yarns, and petting everything. I tried to shame myself into finishing a languishing WIP by putting it on my dress form. Unfortunately I then lessened the shame somewhat by putting the pieces of my next sweater design on top of it.

Not that either of those projects is going to get my attention for the next little while. Elinor totally distracted me with a little contest:

I love this contest both because I’m sorely in need of some sock reviving (my last pair was Devon, and who knows what I knit before that but it was a long time ago because most of my socks have holes and are waiting to be darned), and because her post set some wheels turning. The Woolen Rabbit helped out with the idea that floated to the top of the pile, too:

(Harmony sock yarn, “Oh Ruby!”. It’s as gorgeous as it seems.) Of course, a random conversation on a very unpleasant day at work got me thinking about another sock idea too. Seriously, if we won the lottery I’d do this full time and still have more ideas than knitting capacity. It’s crazy. So, there are likely to be two sock designs for your perusal some time this month. I hope you enjoy them!

What are you most looking forward to, this spring?