I’ve had a lot of business travel lately, so I haven’t done much sitting around and taking pictures. Airports are good for knitting time, though, so I finally have sneak pictures of the next sweater design for you:

It’s called “Adelina”, after Diana’s grandmother. Diana herself was the original inspiration for this design.

The original plan was for this to be March’s design, but it got bumped a bit by my entry for the Socks Revived design contest. The sweater will be released mid-April, I expect. It’s my hope that you’ll get the pattern for these socks in March:

I’m calling them Hootenanny, and the pattern is back from the tech editor and everything. I’m just waiting to finish that second sock before taking pictures and releasing it. We’ll see if I can manage that in the next few days.

What else has been going on? Well, I have a secret project of a different kind in the works. I’m not ready to talk about it in detail yet, but I’ll give you two hints. Hint 1: It’s not a pattern. Hint 2: It involves a day filled with friends, wine/snacks, and a ton of clothes.

(That last image copyright splityarn, 2010.)