Well, knee socks for Jacob should have been quick, anyway… if I had been focusing on them.

Pattern: Generic 3×1 rib socks with a slip stitch heel, over 56 stitches.

Yarn: Kaffe Fassett Regia

Time Elapsed: 4 days, over 5 months. Whoops.

Notes/modifications: No modifications as I can basically improvise socks like this, now. The only twist to these was that Jacob requested knee socks. (He requested knee socks! How much do I love this kid?)

In case you were wondering, he’s a robot-dancing snake trainer in these pictures. Cobras can be dangerous, you know.

Apparently if you shake them enough, they’re dazed into submission.

That’s all there is to say about these, really, except that now I’m just one WIP away from getting some long-standing ignored projects off my list. I decided that after Hootenanny (thanks for the love on that, all!) I’d get some projects cleared away to gain the peace of mind it’ll give me. Next up: Chinese Sweater for Katherine (out of an Interweave back issue). For which I bought the yarn in 2004. Which I started in November, which is really pathetic since it’s worsted weight with 3/4 sleeves. I will finish this thing in April. I will.

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