You may be seeing a lot of Quince yarns around here this fall. I appear to have a bit of a problem.

(Chickadee in Pea Coat and Cypress.)

I’m going to try to get the next installment of fit to flatter, due Sunday, out on Saturday this weekend to better fit in with some other scheduling. The topic this time is custom sweater design. I’m both excited and sad to see the series coming to a close. (The last installment, Number 10, will be posted on Sunday, 15 August.) On one hand, I’m sad because this has been such an unexpectedly fantastic experience for me. I’m making connections with some lovely knitters and learning what’s important to me in my own design work in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible.

But on the other hand, new things! Including my very first Fit to Flatter class, on September 25th at the Purl Diva yarn shop in Brunswick, ME. Ellen has been supplying me with utterly fantastic yarn for years, and I’m very excited to work with her. Here’s the shop announcement:


Designer Amy Herzog will be teaching the concepts of her Fit To Flatter series. In this class, Amy will:

  1. Cover the principles of dressing to flatter the shape *you* have, not the shape some other person has or the shape you *think* you should have, or the shape the model in the knitting pattern seems to have…
  2. Offer personalized shape analysis in a warm group setting
  3. Apply those principles to *your* own shape in the form of knitting patterns.

Prerequisites: None

Date: Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Time: 9:00 – 11:00 AM

Fee: $40

Class Size: Maximum of 6

Materials: Please come wearing (or willing to change into) well-fitted clothes because Amy will be taking pictures! Bring along a selection of patterns you love, feel unsure about, or want analyzed. If you’re willing to share them with others, please bring along a selection of your hand-knits, as well.

Exciting, eh? And I think it’s nearly sold out already, so if you’d like to join us be sure to give Ellen a call! I’m really looking forward to wherever this road takes me.