New and Shiny

I’ve finished a spate of deadline projects recently, freeing up the needles (and my time) for other fun stuff. First and foremost, making good use of something I picked up at Rhinebeck:

That’s Anzula Cricket in “Root Beer”, done in plain weave on an 8 dent heddle. Just a simple little scarf for Jacob, but he was so entranced with the whole process that we wound up borrowing a kid’s rigid heddle and creating yet another new weaver:

He’s already several inches into his scarf, a super-funky thing done with dark brown and red. When it’s done, it will match the sweaters I’m knitting for the boys right now–fun pullovers with a neat spider cable on the front:

It’s a measure of my love for those boys that not only am I knitting the sweaters in cotton, I frogged a good 6” of progress when I realized Jacob’s was the wrong size. Cotton aside, it’s super nice to take a little break from the breakneck pace I’ve been working at lately and make something simple and loved, for the ones I love.


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    I LOVE the natural weave, and your son is such a cutie!! I have a post coming up featuring you and your book. I noticed that your bio includes your gorgeous sweater and my necklace!! :) what a beautiful thing (in the words of my friend Thea – I can hear her voice in my ear)

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    I LOVE seeing children getting joy out of making their own things. I hope to see a picture of his masterpiece soon ;D