Well, my little bookis finally out in the world, and I couldn’t be happier. It seems like it’s been such a very long time since I first talked to someone about my idea, at a spare table at Rhinebeck two and a half years ago.

I’m so thrilled that those who have received the book already seem to like it, and can’t wait to share the joy of that perfect sweater with many more knitters. This has been such an exciting, exciting day.

I did a total guilty pleasure thing and had my sample knitter extraordinaire knit up a few of the book sweaters for me, with the mods I need. I can’t wait to share them with you over the next few weeks (and look for me wearing one at the release party this weekend, naturally). And, of course I have a plethora of book signing and workshop events over the next couple of months. This seemed like an appropriate time to share them with you!

But first: I so very much enjoyed reading all of your comments about your favorite sweaters. It reminded me, again, that our love for these sweaters is universal. That knitting ties together warmth, family, good times and bad times, cringe-worthy moments and special memories we can’t let go, all into this lovely looped fabric. Our craft touches us, and makes our lives richer. Our sweaters are much, much more than simple clothing. Thank you so much for sharing your sweaters, and through them your lives, with us.

Our lucky winner is Alejandra, who wrote:

My favorite sweater is a store bought grey pullover, with a hood. The color is so easy to wear, and the shape tapers just right, showing off that I do have a waist. And it is so comfy!

I’m excited to send her a copy of Knit to Flatter and yarn for the Dorica Hoodie. Alejandra, please check your email address and get in touch about your address. Congrats!

The rest of the week will be filled with more giveaways, but I wanted to take a moment to give a quick list of all of the various book signings and workshops I have coming up over the next month or so. There are a lot! And you can always find a complete list here on my classes and events page. But for the moment:

And of course, I have a few online tricks up my sleeve and some super-exciting things planned for later in the year, if these events don’t align with your location or availability. Fun times ahead, for sure!

…And I am now simultaneously feeling like I need a bit of a lie-down, and that I can’t wait to see all of you in person, and chat about how great sweaters can be. Thank you so much for all of your lovely support in bringing Knit to Flatter into the world. It means so much to me to know that you’re out there.