This week, I wanted to explore a topic near and dear to my heart: Deep necklines.

Deep necklines break up your torso into lots of different sections, shortening its appearance and visually grouping the bust up with the head, rather than down with the waist. I love them.


But what if you want the benefits of a deep neckline, without the cleavage?

Turns out, you still have lots of options. Any interesting stitch texture up next to the neck, fair isle color work, collar treatment, or the like still counts as part of the “neckline”, visually. As long as that treatment reaches down close to the fullest part of you bust, you get all of the advantages of a deep neckline without the drafts or the cleavage.

Here are a few examples. In this sweater (Revere House Jacket by Kirsten Kapur), the gorgeous, large, asymmetrical collar acts in the same way a deep V does:


In this one (my own Wintry Mix), the wide, portrait-collar visually mimics a wide, deep boat neck:


Here are a few more:




Can you see what I mean? What are your favorite “deep” necklines? Hand knitting or not; please share in the comments!