The silver lining to a grueling, 9-hours-of-sleep-in-two-days kind of business trip is the ability to take Friday off from my day job, and spend a morning puttering around and making my house my own again.

I’ve really been enjoying the day, and am now super-ready for an afternoon with the boys and a dear dear friend, preparing a birthday celebration for the husband. (Who didn’t even give me any grief about me being away on a business trip on his birthday. He’s really quite the guy.)

Weekend plans include a book signing at Hub Mills, lots of seaming and blocking and cuddles and knitting and great company, food, and rest. Oh, and enjoying the gorgeous late-spring weather–this is one of my favorite times of year. And not an airplane to be found.

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?


I’m starting off the weekend with comfort as pretty much my only guide. Slouchy, lightweight top? Check. Super-comfy jean skirt? Check. Kick-em-on-and-off sandals? Check check check. (Adorable necklace the boys got me for mother’s day? Check.)

I’m not necessarily going for any particular figure-flattery with this outfit, though my love of dolmans on my long-torsoed figure is absolutely present. Instead, I’m letting my figure’s natural shape come through, in a style that makes me feel utterly at home in my skin. Despite this flaunting of “the rules”, it works. I don’t look bombshell, but that matters so much less than my own comfort and confidence.

(But, for those wondering: If my main goal were to narrow my waist, I’d pair this broad-shouldered top with a structured A-line skirt. If I wanted to lengthen my legs, I’d match the shirt with my floor-length-with-heels gray knit maxi skirt and perhaps add a belt worn a bit high on my waist. If I wanted a look a bit more practical for the office, I’d likely group this with very long earrings, a cuff, black boot-cut jeans, and heeled boots.)

Hm. Maybe for next week, we’ll step through these variations? What do you think?