One of the greatest pleasures of being a designer is seeing the lovely creations that begin with my pattern, and are executed by lovely knitters with great skill. There are few feelings that can top the moment of looking on my ravelry activity page and seeing something like this:


(Images copyright Dawn Hughes and used with permission.)

This is Dawn’s version of my Caulfield pattern, done in an utterly lovely sea-blue color. I love everything about Dawn’s sweater–the fit, the yarn, the setting, and most of all–how utterly happy she looks in it. Just the kind of thing to throw on for a trip to the beach, right?


I wrote Dawn permission to feature her on the blog, and started thinking. I see all of the completely lovely things the uber-talented knitters out there create, but what about those who aren’t quite as obsessive as me about tracking such things (i.e., every other human on this planet)?

And then I thought–waaaaait a minute. Isn’t this what Pinterest is for? So, voila:

Stunning garments that began with AHD patterns.

I hope you’ll take a gander and let me know what you think! I have a few other ideas rolling around in my head for pinterest, too, and I’d love to hear your opinions.

I’m off to do more seaming and finishing and then swatching for a fun summer piece… but in the meantime, bravo Dawn! Bravo, those on the Pinterest board! And bravo to knitters everywhere, for doing such lovely things with sticks and string.