There are times when my job and my knitting happily co-exist. When it’s easy to leave work at work, and most of what I have to do for this second career is knit. It’s easy to blog, then. I have knitting progress, my head is clear, and the things I want to share come readily to mind.

And then there are times when work is intense, when it’s hard to leave it at the door of the office. When most of what I have to do for my knitting life is not, in fact, knitting. Or when it’s deadline season and all of the sweaters I have on the needles need to be kept secret. It’s hard to blog, then. It’s hard to do anything other than curl up with a good ball of silk, watch a tv show, and go to bed early, honestly.

The sweaters have been flying fast and furious around here, and nary a photo to share. The good news is that I’m coming out of this intense time–things seem a bit calmer, a bit more conducive to the work-life balance I’m striving for. So hopefully things will get more predictable around here again soon. And in the meantime, I’ve got my knitting.


And given the heat wave about to descend on my fair city, I’m super-glad it’s linen. A breezy little thing for hot summer days.

What have you been knitting lately? What’s your favorite thing to knit when it’s hot?