Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you plan. When I was ready to release Alta, I had envisioned a lovely set of photos showing Alta frolicking in the snow. Unfortunately, the charcoal gray color I’d picked out combined with dazzling white snow….

…well, they’re not such a practical combination as it turns out.


I’m clearly happy in the sweater (which I adore, by the way, it’s seen tons of wear already), but you can’t really see the detail. So it’s been on my to-do list to reshoot the sweater for some time (likely exchanging some color accuracy in favor of detail). This weekend up in Maine, we had our chance. The lovely Graphite color is more accurate in the original, but I’m happy to have some pictures that truly show the things I love about this sweater.


Intricate cable-and-lace combinations are a favorite lately–they’re eye-catching, fun to knit, and don’t impair the ease with which you can modify the design. (Easy modifications are something I constantly strive for.)


I love the neckline, which is constructed like a turtleneck but done loosely enough to form more of a cowl. It’s soft, cozy, and works well without a necklace, or with a fun long one.


I like the sleeves, too–the back is plain, but it’s fun to include a little cable detailing somewhere other than the front.

Fun to knit, flattering to wear, easy to modify, and cozy for these chilly summer (?) nights. What more could you ask?

(In a bit of exciting news, I’m super pleased to announce that my patterns are now available wholesale through Stitch Sprouts. If you’re a LYS owner or you’d like to see my patterns available at your LYS, please give Heather a shout!)