Thank you so much, everyone, for your wonderful response to my CustomFit announcement yesterday. I’m thrilled and blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In fact, the response was so intense and positive that we’ve actually already reached our desired number of beta testers! We’ll be reaching out to everyone who responded this week, and beta testing proper will begin two weeks from today. (Knock on wood that the alpha testing continues to go smoothly.)

The best way to stay involved with CustomFit at this point is to subscribe to my newsletter. The first group of official users will be Preview users, and will be limited in number. At this point it seems very likely that newsletter subscribers will form the entirety of the Preview group, so if you’d like to participate, join us!

Of course, you’ll be hearing a lot more about CustomFit as we near launch, starting with some rationale for the initial construction method offered this week! I’m also very excited to share in-progress pictures of alpha- and beta-tester sweaters, and their modifications of choice. Until then, how about a picture of some pretty yarn?


(To nobody’s surprise, this gorgeousness comes from Kim.)

Looks good, eh? Almost like it’s crying out for a custom sweater. :)