I’d be mightily surprised if ever there were a more jumbled blog post. It’s been hot as blazes here, as my dad would say, and my brain is well and thoroughly scrambled. (I think I’m missing some fundamental bit of genetics that allows a person to deal when the thermometer registers over 90 F. The heat just makes me want to run, sobbing, into the nearest foggy cave. But I digress.)

(To make my addled state of mind easier to swallow, read through to the end for a contest! Giving things away always makes me feel better.)

JP Profile

We’ve got our beta testers for CustomFit all set up and sorted into groups (please get in touch if you’re still waiting to hear, we may have missed you), the documentation is 99% complete, and the first patterns have been generated. (There may have been a little dance.) And this seems like a great time to introduce you (formally) to Jackie.

You’ve seen her here before, but not in an official capacity. So, please meet Jackie, who is helping me with AHD’s business operations. The most visible-to-you part of her role is that you might get email from her, instead of or in addition to me. She’s a lovely person, and passionate about my sweater mission, and great fun to work with. I hope you’ll welcome her warmly!


Did you know there are British Knitting Awards? I have to admit I did not, until they let me know that Knit to Flatterwas nominated for the best book this year. I’m extremely honored to be included in the nominee list, and if you’d like to show your support please consider voting:

Vote for Knit to Flatter in the British Knitting Awards!


It’s both wonderful and frustrating to have more design ideas than I can possibly keep up with. Right now I’m at a tricky point: My current projects are nearing completion, it’s still summer but I feel fall peeking around the corner, but it’s not really cool enough for my favorite kinds of sweaters for months and months yet. So I ask you, dear reader, to help me choose. All of these yarns have designs swatched and sketched, waiting for their turn.

Which should come next?


Let’s make this more interesting with a little contest. Here’s how it will work:

  • You leave a comment telling me which yarn I should work with next
  • I’ll work on the design with the most votes, and
  • I’ll pick a random winner from all of those who vote for the winning design/yarn

The winner will receive a hank of beautiful sock yarn from my embarrassingly large collection, in the color of their choice. Sound like fun?

Which yarn should I use next? Let’s name them 1, 2, 3, 4 from left to right. Can’t wait to see what you’ll pick!