Who is the Fairest of them all?

I’d be mightily surprised if ever there were a more jumbled blog post. It’s been hot as blazes here, as my dad would say, and my brain is well and thoroughly scrambled. (I think I’m missing some fundamental bit of genetics that allows a person to deal when the thermometer registers over 90 F. The heat just makes me want to run, sobbing, into the nearest foggy cave. But I digress.)

(To make my addled state of mind easier to swallow, read through to the end for a contest! Giving things away always makes me feel better.)

JP Profile

We’ve got our beta testers for CustomFit all set up and sorted into groups (please get in touch if you’re still waiting to hear, we may have missed you), the documentation is 99% complete, and the first patterns have been generated. (There may have been a little dance.) And this seems like a great time to introduce you (formally) to Jackie.

You’ve seen her here before, but not in an official capacity. So, please meet Jackie, who is helping me with AHD’s business operations. The most visible-to-you part of her role is that you might get email from her, instead of or in addition to me. She’s a lovely person, and passionate about my sweater mission, and great fun to work with. I hope you’ll welcome her warmly!


Did you know there are British Knitting Awards? I have to admit I did not, until they let me know that Knit to Flatterwas nominated for the best book this year. I’m extremely honored to be included in the nominee list, and if you’d like to show your support please consider voting:

Vote for Knit to Flatter in the British Knitting Awards!


It’s both wonderful and frustrating to have more design ideas than I can possibly keep up with. Right now I’m at a tricky point: My current projects are nearing completion, it’s still summer but I feel fall peeking around the corner, but it’s not really cool enough for my favorite kinds of sweaters for months and months yet. So I ask you, dear reader, to help me choose. All of these yarns have designs swatched and sketched, waiting for their turn.

Which should come next?


Let’s make this more interesting with a little contest. Here’s how it will work:

  • You leave a comment telling me which yarn I should work with next
  • I’ll work on the design with the most votes, and
  • I’ll pick a random winner from all of those who vote for the winning design/yarn

The winner will receive a hank of beautiful sock yarn from my embarrassingly large collection, in the color of their choice. Sound like fun?

Which yarn should I use next? Let’s name them 1, 2, 3, 4 from left to right. Can’t wait to see what you’ll pick!


  1. Chelsea N says

    I think you should work on 2! Maybe it’s because it makes me think of the coffee I’m craving right now…

  2. Jenn says

    I choose #3. (But hey, if you want to make something with #3 & #2 together, that would work too.)

  3. Valerie says

    #2 really caught my eye when I first saw the photo. It would make a beautiful sweater!

  4. Pat says

    4 – it’s got a lovely denim look to it and would make a pretty sweater for a casual autumn hike.

  5. Renne' says

    3 You’re obviously in a blue-ish mood! (However, 2 and 3 look good together……)

  6. Barb T. says

    I love brown (am actually knitting with a very similar shade right now)’ but I could go for some more! I choose no. 2.

  7. Amyfibre says

    #1 … Because it’s the color of a summer sky, and a winter snowdrift. :-)

    (But I love them all! I see your difficulty.)

  8. Judy Clements says

    3 is my vote, a lovely fall color with more intensity than a summer color but all of the joy!

  9. Danielle Baines says

    My vote is #2. They’re all lovely, but #2 is my favourite because it’s the one that made me want to reach into the monitor and squish it. Also it’s the one that would look the best on me so I may be biased.

  10. Jenny Duffy says

    I vote number 3, but they are all beautiful so it’s a difficult choice to make.

  11. Elizabeth says

    The cool, pale blue. Make it lacy–something that will be perfect for an early morning sunrise watch on a deck over looking the dunes. Something that will adorn a black velvet dress on New Year’s Eve. Something that you would take off your own shoulders and tuck around a baby in a stroller on a crisp autumn day.

  12. carla says

    I like the twist of #2 ( not the color) I’m a blue girl – but it is all about the twist for me-

  13. Jess says

    I’m torn…I want to see your plan for the semi-solidness of #2, but looove the color of #3. I tossed a coin and I vote for #3. We all win anyway, since you already have plans for all of the yarns!

  14. debd94 says

    I am relieved to know that I am not the only one whose brain stops functioning in the heat lol.
    #4 because it reminds me of the ocean, but is also a good multi-season color.

  15. Granica says

    #3 gets my vote. Why? because it is intense like the fall colours will be; it is the colour of a deep lake so suitable to be knit right now when it it hot and thinking of deep lakes brings relief from the heat, and thirdly it is just plain gorgeous. It is also a fine yarn so will produce a fine, drapey sweater, the flattering kind I like to wear.
    Granica in Ontario, Canada

  16. Courtney says

    #4 because I’m loving the subtle shade variations and blue is my favorite color right now. :-)

  17. Rebecca says

    Ooh, # 4 looks like you could dive into it to cool off. I’d use that one next. Enjoy! And thanks for the giveaway :)

  18. LisaB says

    I vote for #2 just because it’s different!

    And I don’t want to skip over Jackie just to enter the contest, so…

    Welcome, Jackie! You have a beautiful smile, and I’ve enjoyed seeing you pop up on the blog recently. I’m glad Amy’s got good help. I’ve wondered when she sleeps. πŸ˜‰

  19. Jo Seymour says

    Number 3 – has the most life to it, reflects the light, looks like water in the bay.

  20. Jackie worth says

    It has to be 3. I love teal but I can actually see one of your designs in it! No I’m not physic just imagining lol

  21. Caitlyn M. says

    I just realized yesterday that all of my recent knitting and yarn purchases skew toward the blue end of the spectrum, so I would really love to see #2. Plus, it makes me think of autumn, which I’m already yearning for even though summer has barely started.

    Welcome, Jackie! I hope that we’ll see more of you around these parts.

  22. says

    I pick number 4 because that is the color that I always want to be knitting and almost never am. (What’s up with that?)

    And congrats on the best book nomination! Very cool!

  23. Katie Lynn says

    Normally I would say #3, that deep teal-blue, but I am going to go with #2. It looks like a lovely shade with a lot of depth.

  24. Jessica says

    Number 3 is my favorite – it reminds me of the color of autumn sky at dusk.

  25. says

    #4, because #1 looks like summer to me, #2 makes me think of fall, and #3 seems like a perfect winter color. Plus I like brights. :) And blue.

  26. Phyllis says

    #3- bright enough to feel summery, but also has some depth, so it works in cooler weather, too.
    Knit on!

  27. stashdragon says

    I vote for #1 because it’s such a lovely sky blue – even if it’s wool, at least the color won’t seem so out of season as you work on it in the summer! Second choice would be #4, for similar reasons: it’s a lovely deep-lake blue. Sorry, #2 – no brown in summer, please!

  28. Joyce says

    #1 – soft as a whisper. Looks cool and since we’ve had record heat here in Las Vegas, I’m for anything that looks cooler.

  29. purplepenguin says

    This was not as easy as it looks! At first, I was tending toward #2, because it is NOT blue, and it has variegated colors.

    HOWEVER, my true choice is #3, a blue edging toward teal. I am a sucker for teal. Plus, is is gorgeous.

  30. Leslie says

    I like #1, but then again # 3 is nice too. Decisions, decisions…..I’ll stick with #1.

  31. aprilshowers says

    #1, because it is similar to the Quince & Co Lark I have in Bird’s Egg. I’ve got one hank wound up, patiently waiting for me to swatch it. With this heat, though, I just can’t get motivated so maybe seeing your in-progress sneak peaks will motivate me!

  32. Carrie says

    I love yarn #3. That deep rich teal color would look great as a whole bunch of things.

  33. says

    #3! (as I type that, I hear, “pick 3, my lord!” in my head – from Shrek) I LOVE the color.

    Also, I read your book this weekend. I am now ready to knit a sweater (I never have) & I’m ready to make the modifications needed to meke it fit me well. Thank you!

  34. Kimberly says

    They’re all so gorgeous, but if I must pick, I’ll go with the squishy, latte-like number 2.

  35. Jamie says

    #2 looks like a gorgeous cup of cocoa to me and I’d love to see what you make out of it.

  36. says

    #1, it looks like a refreshing, tall cool drink. It also looks a little like the lovely cool fog that drifts through the pines and Spanish Moss here (where you used to live!) ;-p

  37. Tasha says

    #3. Because I love love love teal AND I spy a Sweet Georgia Yarn tag and love love love knitting with it.

  38. Wendy says

    # 1 – it’s still summer after all and that is a gorgeous colour :). Thanks for the giveaway !

  39. Claire C says

    #3!!!! It will be a gorgeous contrast against all the red and yellow leaves this fall, and the color also looks like a nice deep lake to keep you cool while knitting!

  40. Knitapeace says

    I love the gray-brown plus pale blue-green combo I’ve been seeing so much of lately, so I like 1+2 in combo! But if I can only pick one I’ll have to say number 2.

  41. Kim says

    I love the “beachy-ness” of the blues and brown together, but if I have to pick, I would pick #2. It looks cozy, but light. Very pretty.

  42. Shoshana says

    I say #3 as I love the colour and it appears, at least from the photo, to be a nice fingering weight which would be nice to knit with for the summer

  43. Amanda says

    #2 and #4 together. Stripes, maybe. Blue & light brown always looks classy, and for some reason I’ve been really digging stripes lately.

    Or just #2. That is a really intriguing shade.

  44. Katinka says


    I’m very warm-toned, but I can wear that gorgeous deep teal. So pretty!

  45. Beth Vincelette says

    #1-it’s making me think icy thoughts, and I love icy thoughts in 90 degree weather. Quiet, cool, serene thoughts of snowdrifts, icicles and not sweating as I write this…

  46. Kate says

    No. 3, it’s the prefect refresher for the heat. It reminds me of a cool lake, one I’d love to jump in right now!

  47. Kathleen says

    #3. My color of choice this summer. Everything I’ve been buying seems to be this color or have this color in it somehow. Lovely.

  48. Liz Fiorini says

    #3 looks very calming and refreshing – might help distract from the heatwave!

  49. RC says

    #3! And yay for Knit to Flatter being nominated. Unless I missed something, I don’t think I can vote from the US.

  50. says

    #3 defo!

    I just voted for Knit to Flatter as it is awesome. But you have tough competition from Kate Davies – her book is lovely too πŸ˜‰

  51. Anne-Marie Nijssen says

    Number 3. That is a beautiful teal!
    Number 4 is pretty too, so I will name that one second.

  52. says

    i would pick yarn #3, because it makes me think of endless summer nights and midnight swims in deep forest lakes :) all of them are gorgeous though, i can see why it’s difficult for you to choose..!

  53. Bridie says

    Although 3 is my all time favourite colour, you guys are going to b leaving summer soon so I think 2 is far more appropriate and it is gorgeous…

  54. Lisa E says

    Love #2. There is a lot of very subtle things going on in that skein that I think would make a beautiful sweater.

  55. says

    Would it be terrible to say that I was wooed almost as much by the tag as I was by the colour of #3? Either way my vote goes there!

  56. christine arnone says

    I vote for #3. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what they’re all going to be !

  57. jayne says

    Love the cool blue, but #2 Brown for the fall would be lovely. Looks like it wants to be something to wear on the cooler days.

  58. fire tweed says

    #3 is so beautiful and rich! not to mention in my favorite bold peacock color palette.

  59. Stacey D says

    That’s a hard choice, especially since I happen to love blues and teals. But there’s something about the #2 cocoa color that’s speaking to me… Maybe it’s the desire for cooler weather so I can comfortably curl up with warm woollies….

  60. Linda says

    #3. Absolutely. Because it is gorgeous in its own right and will be perfect with your colouring.

  61. GothamMuse says

    As someone who has problem wearing most wool-based yarns, I vote for whichever yarn has the least amount of wool in it. A sweater that is more about drape than sproing! – that’s what attracts me to patterns, more than the color the sample is worked in. A layering piece would be a nice transitional sweater, and one that would work well with drape v. sproing. What do you say, Amy?

  62. Denise N says

    I think you should use #4. It’s reminiscent of a cool blue waterfall. (It’s warm here too…..)

  63. Maureen Higgins says

    I’d go for #1, it is so cool and light for the hot summer days still to come. Like you I can’t take the heat anymore.

  64. Amyoinyokohama says

    Ooh– #2, that delicious-looking tonal brown! Can’t wait to see what you knit, though, regardless of the color:-))

  65. Julia says

    I’m in the Navy and spend every workday covered head to toe with blue camo, so my vote is definitely for #2. The dye shading adds an interesting dimension to the color.

  66. Susan says

    I vote #3!! Gorgeous deep cool blue from the pool of that “foggy cave”!! God, I must go swimming!!

  67. Juliet says

    They all look tempting, but I vote #4. It makes me think of swimming in cool waters.

  68. DeannaC says

    I’m drawn to color 3 but they are all beautiful, the brown is a close runner-up.

  69. Bobette Bridenbaugh says

    I love all four of the colors! But I can only choose a single color I pick #3. The deep blue makes me want to fly into a cool night breeze. Bit reminds me of autumn evenings.

    Ps I think your book IS the best. I am feeling inspired to try my first grow up sweater.

  70. says

    I vote 2, because it’s a beautiful fall color! So, the design will be released in that fall… if that makes sense.

  71. May says

    I vote for #2 — for some strange reason it’s really hard to find a nice soft brown. It looks so squishy!

  72. hookedupknits says

    #3! Looks like a fine enough gauge to knit up as a multiseason sweater, and the colour is delicious!

  73. Karen says

    #2 please! It screams fall and is a color I a wanting to make a sweater in as it goes with so much I already own.

  74. Cris N says

    number 3 looks like water in the ocean with a beautiful breeze to keep us cool…..Just sayin

  75. LydiaA says

    I’m partial to 3, BUT my vote is for #2…I’d like to see what you do with the neutral brown.

  76. Alice says

    I would choose #4 because it’s enough of a summer color to be pleasing to work with while it’s still hot but is also rich and deep enough to make you look forward to fall and winter.

  77. says

    #2. I am also wilting in the New England heat and that lovely brown makes me think of Fall. Fall, when things are cool and dry and there aren’t bugs everywhere. Oh, Fall…I miss you when you aren’t around.

  78. says

    I vote for #2. I love brown, and the tonal quality is just lovely. Would love to see the design that you dreamed up for that beauty!

  79. Sharon says

    #3, definitely. That blue is like a deep pool of cool water, perfect for knitting in summer.

  80. Carolyn says

    With this New England heat–I say 3 as it reminds of the deepest part of the ocean and will help all of us in cooling off–in winter it is the color of the shadows of the trees on the snow in the deepest part of the woods–

  81. says

    # 2 is my choice. All the blue shade have been over-used in the past two year :)
    Welcome to your wee collaborator and I voted for you as designer and for your book as best publication at the survey. Happy summer Amy!!!!

  82. says

    #2 for sure – it’s the one that says fall to me and I get the feeling that is what you want to work on right now. Love that tonal brown! Looks like tanis fiber.

    Congrats on the book nom! It was fun voting for all kinds of fun stuff since I was just over there!

  83. Katy says

    #4 – love that color! I did try to vote, but it seems like you must live in Britain to enter… I did have a to make up a lot of answers to finish their survey…

  84. Monica Barnes says

    #2 – Although blue is my favorite color, sometimes it’s good to try something different. And the colors in the brown are beautiful.

  85. Karen from Nanaimo says

    Definitely #3. Such a rich blue and Sweet Georgia is beautiful yarn to work with.

  86. says

    My vote is solidly with number two. Probably in part due to a very similar color in my stash right now. :)

  87. Claire Biggs says

    2… All the yarns are beautiful, but 2 looks like it will knit up to have great stitch definition and it would be interesting to see what you do with the colour changes – these multicoloured yarns are so tempting and pretty but there are few enough great patterns for them.

  88. ikkinlala says

    My vote’s for #3 – it reminds of the water I’d like to be swimming in right now.

  89. FCH says

    Oooh, I love #2 — a glass of cold chocolate milk, the sweat dripping down the side of the glass. Mmmmmmm.

  90. Kate/Massachusetts says

    First #3 then #2 then #4 and finally #1. There. I have your work all organized and planned out for you. Oh, I think it should be done sitting on the porch beside the ocean since the mountains are much too hot this time of year! :-)

  91. Robbie says

    #3 is my choice. The color would look great on you. It’s a great fall / winter color but light enough that I think it will show stitch patterns well.

    Hope I voted for the winning color and win the drawing.

  92. Kathryn Ciurczak says

    I vote for #3. I have a similar yarn / color in my stash and would love to see what you make in it!

  93. says

    The brown. I’m not normally a brown person, but I want to see what you come up with for a yarn that isn’t a solid color, since I have a lot of non-solids in my stash.

  94. Mary says

    It’s a toss up for me… #2 is very tempting, but I can’t resist a good blue so I vote #4!

  95. Caroline says

    #2. Even though it seems like you might be in a bluish mood. I love bright colors, but I’ll wear a sweater more if it’s in a neutral.

  96. Cathy says

    #2. It looks like it would have a lovely, smooth hand. Now, if it came in pink or blue….

  97. Trisha Cunningham says

    #3 for something cool and fluid. Images of deep water with reflections of trees comes to mind. Lovely.

  98. Diane says

    #3 – love the color (if it doesn’t make it to your needles soon, send it my way |).

  99. Sara says

    #3. I love the depth of color….actually I love all but #1 — it’s the color that is more individual-specific than the other 3. HOWEVER, I’m still sticking with #3 because of the saturation of the color.

  100. Cheryl says

    I’m voting for #4. I can see some variegation to this yarn, which I really like. Tough choice, though, as I love all blues.

  101. says

    #3! teal is a great summer-to-fall transition color. i just finished a teal(ish) vest that will be cute over a short-sleeved blouse or tee in august and september, and i can do long sleeves or add a jacket come october. btw, i am LOVING ‘knit to flatter!’

  102. KL says

    I vote for #3 yarn. The color will be suitable for multiple seasons … and if the project’s for you, it’ll make your eyes look great.

  103. Amelia says

    Number 3 gets my vote. And I think it’s the colour that’ll look best on you (so maybe you should have the first test knit done in your size!) x

  104. Robin F. says

    #3 is my kindof color but

    #1 is fairest. The color of a summer sky under which I will get a sunburn even with SPF 30 on.

  105. Pat says

    I vote for #4. It would be interesting to see how the color variation works up in one of your designs.

  106. Shannon Y. says

    Number 4 is it! I love the color variations and think it would add some nice visual texture.

  107. Redsknits says

    Well, I love #4.
    But really I cast my vote for 3, cause if you make your next pattern in 3, I’ll want to knit it on that color when I really could use a brown sweater and have enough worsted weight three ply handspun to knit one. Not too subtle hint!

    • Redsknits says

      I meant to say above that if you knit your next sweater in 4, my favorite, it will be hard to not run out and buy a sweaterworths in 4 instead of using my handspun brown. Am I the only person who can’t stop mysel from knitting a project in the same color as the designer when she uses one of my favorites?

  108. Joanne says

    #3 – gorgeous! I think you should make it become a beautiful shawl that I can then copy.

  109. TerryLee Diemert says

    I really like #2 because I love earthy tones and I think it will make a wonderful shawl, or what ever you choose to knit. All of the colors are very beautiful, and I am sure they will make something wonderful as well.
    Thank-you for the opportunity to take part in this contest.

    TerryLee Diemert