First off, it looks like I’m going to be knitting something in deep teal next, which is brilliant because I love both the yarn and the design I have planned for it. The splendid Leigh has won the contest; Leigh, I’ll be contacting you about color choice and sending some very nice sock yarn your way. Thanks everyone who commented, we may have broken a record with that post!

But for the moment, I have nothing knitting-related to share with you.


My father Alan passed away unexpectedly at home on Friday. I’d been planning to travel to Maine to teach a class and then take him out to dinner for his birthday; instead I postponed my class and spent time making arrangements and saying goodbye.

(Thanks so much for your understanding to the lovely folks at Saco River Yarns, you were wonderful.)

I want to tell you all about him–his ready laughter and jokes, his wonderful cooking, how very much he taught me about being a good parent–but I find that I cannot, right now. Later, I hope.

For now, it feels best to simply try to forge ahead, at least here. To exert some small measure of control over something and continue more or less as I’d planned, on this blog and elsewhere online. I have a design I’m excited to share with you, the CustomFit beta testers are gearing up to begin, I have added some classes to my teaching schedule for the fall and next spring.

I hope you’ll forgive me the drive-by sharing of grief, and then a march onward. It seems to be what I can handle, at least right now. I appreciate, so very much, that you’re all out there. No amount of anything can fill the void left by a loved one, but it is far better not to be alone during these times.