Did I say I’d be back on Monday with details on how I modified Triangled? Hah hah, that’s so funny. Obviously, erm, I must have meant today.

(Sorry about that.)

When last we left off, you were leaving wonderful comments that I think I’ve now responded to on my Fashion Friday post. In which I contrasted my Squared cardigan sample with the version I knit for myself:


I used the recommended yarn, Socks that Rock Heavyweight, in the color “Porcini”. I knit the size 40 (ish) for a relaxed fit.

But as mentioned on Friday, I did make a few modifications:

  • Lengthened sleeves! Cast-ons, etc. were as described in the pattern, but I worked shaping rows every 12 rows instead of every 6 and sleeves were made 17.5” to the cap shaping. (In retrospect, 18.5” would have been just a tad more perfect.)
  • Body was lengthened to 16”, 8” to waist by starting waist decreases 1” later than specified.
  • Bust darts added as per the instructions in the pattern file, since the ones in the sample worked for me.
  • The big change: I gave it a V neckline, starting 1.5” below the armholes. Decreased at the neck every 3 rows 25 times.

And there you have it! My own recipe for a perfect sweater. I hope you find it helpful in your knitting journey, too.

Knitting has been plugging along fairly quickly around here, thanks new a new book obsession. (I just started reading A Game of Thrones–I know, I know. Last person in the universe, right?) It’s a pretty and simple little number, just right for fall:


Started this weekend, already at the back neck shaping. Which should give you a teensy bit of an inkling about how engaging this book is!