Your comments on my “making sweaters easy” post are super exciting to me. I’m so glad to hear your thoughts, keep them coming!

Today, something from the “what it’s really like in Amy’s house” files: When life gets incredibly busy, I tend to want to make progress on lots of big ideas, rather than focus on bringing one to completion. So… I procrastinate.

This is utterly evident when I look at the unfinished sweaters laying around. Right now, there are 4. I’m almost one with a 5th. I’ve swatched for the 6th, and I know what the 7th will be.


I love the rhythm of a good mattress stitch, so these are all seamed… but I have to admit that I procrastinate on edgings. Button-bands, collars, etc. Once the main part of the sweater is together and I can try it on…

…well, if life is super busy I’m likely to dive into the next sweater. Witness:


From the top:

  • My next design. Needs 10 buttons sewn on and the neck edged.
  • The design after that. This has been done for almost a year now. (I know!) Needs button band, neck trim, and buttons sewn on. Naturally, I have the buttons all picked out.
  • The design after that, or maybe later in the fall / early in the winter? Not decided yet. Needs a collar.
  • My own version of Chimera. Needs… you guessed it… buttons. Ahem.

So there’s my secret and silly procrastination. What’s yours?