I have a new job. Or more to the point, I don’t have an old job anymore.

Though I may not have mentioned it often in this space, I’ve never exactly hidden the fact that I have a day job, either. I’ve been working, these past 15 years, as a researcher (first) and then a research manager (for the past 10 years) in computer security. For more than a decade I’ve published papers, designed prototypes and systems, and come up with creative ways to make systems harder to break into, to make it easier to catch the attacks that do succeed.

I’ve been knitting the whole time, of course, and blogging for much of it.


A few years ago now, I started designing patterns. And then came the classes, and the bookand all the rest. And so for the past few years, I’ve been juggling my knitting business and my other career, because I loved both too passionately to let either one go.

And now there’s this crazy software thing. And suddenly, juggling both careers was just too much, even for me. So I…

…well, let’s get real. First, I denied. And then I pouted. And then there was probably some wailing and gnashing of teeth. Some investigation of cloning machines. (“No!” my husband pleaded. “With two of you, can you even imagine how many side-businesses there would be around here?!”) And eventually, I made a really, incredibly, frustratingly hard decision.

As of a few weeks ago, I’m no longer a computer security researcher. Now, I’m running my own company. And it’s about the thing I’m most passionate about in this entire world (aside from family):

It’s about helping everyone love the clothes they wear. And changing the way we all perceive ourselves. And lots of other big, hairy, and maybe-not-totally-definable things.

This is the boldest thing I’ve ever done, and it may not work, but in this moment I’m having the time of my life.

I miss what I used to do, but only when I stop to breathe, which is not very often. I’m working with an incredibly incredible team. (Hm, please allow me to take this time to drive-by-introduce Jackie and Andromeda and Carrie and Anna and Marleigh and Kat and of course, Jonathan too. You’ll be hearing much more about them. Andromeda recently wrote up her thoughts on this company we’ve built.)

It’s been hard to write this post, because I haven’t really wanted to let the old stuff go. I’ve had an embarrassment of career riches, too many things that I am passionate about and that I love and that help me throw myself into this life head-first and with wild abandon. But the time has come.

I have a new job. It’s one that I love. And it wouldn’t be possible without you.


So thanks for being here, with me.