Yeah, so in retrospect whoever thought that running a retreat at the same time I’m trying to finish the CustomFit website was a good idea? Should be fired.

(Oh wait, that’s me. Oops.)

Well, the good news is that the website is so so so close to ready, the sweaters look amazing, and the retreat? Indescribable.





It was so amazing, in so many ways, I honestly can’t think about it in any kind of structured, predictable, understandable way.

I can totally share the most unexpected thing about the weekend, though. We stopped at the awesome KnitWit on our way up to Sebasco on Wednesday, and I did something I haven’t done in years.

I fell down and bought yarn. For me. A sweaters’ worth. Because it was pretty.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fall down about pretty yarn all the time! But as a designer. The relationship is different. I try to think about what will be broadly-flattering, easily-modified, generally-appealing. On Wednesday, I decided: Screw it! I want a CustomFit sweater for Rhinebeck, out of this yarn I’ve just fallen in love with, and I’m going to do it just for me.

Forget the insanity of my fall design schedule, forget that book that’s in the works, forget EVERYTHING ELSE. And buy the yarn. I’m already halfway through the back.


It feels wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that I may have done a bit of a repeat fall-down performance Three. More. Times. over the course of the weekend.


I have so much that I still need to tell you about, and my inbox is as overflowing as ever. But I’ve reclaimed the part of me who knits only for me, only because I love it, only to feel the yarn between my fingers and see the garment take shape in my lap. I missed her. So for now, I’ll shove everything else aside…

…and glory in the simple act of knitting.