The Rhinebeck sweater extravaganza continues, now from Rhinebeck! I present my second Sunday Rhinebeck sweater, Acorn Trail.

(How am I going to manage that? I am not entirely sure, but it promises to be entertaining.)


Oh, New England in the fall. Is there anything cozier or more colorful? (Says the New England knitter.)

Acorn Trail is my first installment in the “Back Roads & Brownstones” series, a collaboration with Kirsten Kapur of “Through the Loops”. I always enjoy working with Kirsten; not only is she a wonderful person, but her design sensibilities are utterly fantastic and it’s awe-inspiring to trade ideas with her.

Back Roads & Brownstones is a fun play on where we both live; she’s in NYC, and I’m just outside of Boston.


But despite my current urban zip code, I grew up in rural Maine and have been a die-hard outdoorsy type my whole life. It seemed natural to start this series off with a cardigan I can imagine slipping on for a favorite hike through some beautiful foliage. Cables, a gorgeous tweedy wool, a little bit of openwork to keep things from being too heavy. Acorn Trail is a great layering piece, and a knockout on its own.

Acorn Trail is worked in pieces, from the bottom up, in Harrisville’s incredibly beautiful New England Highland. This is a sturdy, wool-lover’s wool, and the cardigan makes the most of its texture in intricate cable and lace panels. Despite the detailed look, the sweater is easy
to modify since the stitch patterning rests on a simple Stockinette base.

I’m so excited about it.

Acorn Trail may be purchased in one of two ways from from my ravelry pattern store:

  • As a standard pattern for $7.00 (with CustomFit recipe included in addition to standalone pattern instructions). This is a pattern very much like any of my others; it includes complete instructions for all 12 sizes, the CustomFit instructions, plus modification advice and a detailed schematic. To purchase the full (all-inclusive?) version of Acorn Trail, click here.
  • You may also purchase a CustomFit recipe (without standard pattern instructions) for $2.50. The CustomFit recipe provides full instructions on how to use CustomFit to make an Acorn Trail that will fit you perfectly from hem to neck and everywhere in between, including:
    • Which construction options to choose to get Acorn Trail in the fit and shape as shown above
    • Instructions for cable set-up and placement for front and back
    • Charts for all cables

    To purchase the Custom-Fit only version of Acorn Trail, click here

Which should you choose? It depends on whether you’re typically comfortable knitting (and modifying) a pattern as written, or whether you’d really like to get instructions that fit you well with no modification required.

The CustomFit recipe requires the purchase of a CustomFit pattern, for $9.99 to get a complete set of instructions.

Thanks for your support!

acorn-trail-3 acorn-trail-5 acorn-trail-1 acorn-trail-6