Thanks to the wonder of living in the time and place that I do, I am writing this post on a plane to San Francisco. Tomorrow Jackie and I will be doing a whirlwind yarn store tour (yay, CustomFit LYS!)…

…and here, on this plane, I’m daydreaming about my Knit-A-Long sweater. I have a couple of swatches here with me, and I’m trying hard to listen to them about what they want to be. Here’s the current best guess:


Though my ideas, here, require another swatch – so nothing’s final yet. This is one of my favorite bits of the process of making clothes, this daydreaming. Thinking, and feeling my fabric, and trying on a bunch of stuff from my closet while holding my swatch in my mind.

What do I want to wear? What does this little swatch want to be when it grows up?

I encourage you to give it a try, too. These questions are going to be at the forefront of the Knit-A-Long this week, and they’re your chance to truly understand and predict what your sweater will be, at the end.

We’ll talk fabric, and sketches, and clothes. These estimates might be a little rough due to the travel, but we intend to talk fabric on Tuesday, and translating your fabric into clothing on Friday. (Jackie will be authoring some of the posts here, starting with this Knit-A-Long, which I’m very excited about.)

Over the weekend, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of pattern choices.

And though it’s absolutely okay if your own timeline doesn’t work out this way, we’ll probably be ready to make our pattern choices and start our sweaters some time next week.

There’s no need to “officially” sign up–this is an open Knit-A-Long–but if you want to join in the discussion, comments here, on the Ravelry thread, or pinning on Pinterest are all great ways to do so. (If you want to pin directly to the Pinterest board, email us with the subject “Pinterest Knit-A-Long” and your Pinterest name, and we’ll invite you!)

I can’t wait to hear about your own swatches and fabric. Happy knitting!