We’re launching a year-long KAL, and Cardipalooza is our first segment! We’d like to explore the types and styles of sweaters that we knitters make and wear over the course of a year.
As spring begins (or as you look off in the distance to see it approaching), our enthusiasm for sweater knitting doesn’t wane. Even as the weather gets warmer, we can make those lightweight, transitional pieces that help move our wardrobes into the summer season.
So grab some sportweight yarn — maybe a silk blend? Start sketching and swatching and dreaming of the cardigan that would fit perfectly in your wardrobe.
We’re giving ourselves plenty of time on this KAL. It will run through May 31, so no need to rush right into a cast-on. Take your time to create a fabric you love and design the cardigan that you want to wear.
And then join us for a party! Cardipalooza!

We’ll be living #cardipalooza for the next two and a half months, so follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. More details to come on the AHD blog about our Cardipalooza plans, styling advice, and maybe even a prize or two ;)