Happy Monday! I’ve got a finished summer sweater to show off!


Here’s my Saco Stripes and CustomFit mashup tank, knit from Quince and Co. Sparrow. After my last post, I finally got down to business and wove in those pesky ends. For those who have asked, yes, I did carry the main color up the sides! But I didn’t want to carry the contrast for 6 rows, and thus got myself into the mess of having many, many ends to weave.


I’m quite taken with the linen, which makes a more opaque fabric than I was expecting, and feels soft in a way that is very different than wool. I don’t have much experience with non-wool fibers, but I was able to get a very consistent gauge in Sparrow, and the resulting sweater is so light and swingy.


You can’t quite tell in these photos (and that’s on purpose!), but the tank is quite long on me — it hits just about at my widest point, also known as my booty. As Amy has taught us, this isn’t the most flattering choice for a bottom-heavy figure such as mine. It’s not a gauge problem — the tank is exactly as long as the pattern said it would be — but I do think I need to re-evaluate my CustomFit measurements and move my low-hip up a bit. It’s been a learning process for me to see where exactly I like sweaters to end, and I’m enjoying every bit of it!

It’s a toss-up at this point whether I’ll use TECHknitter’s method to remove some of the length. I’ll likely wear the tank as-is, but I know it would be more flattering if it were just a few inches shorter. If it were you, what would you do?

Here’s a link to my Ravelry project if you’d like to see some more photos!

photo (2)When I tallied the votes in my sweater poll on Friday, Effervescent won by one single vote! I’ve swatched, blocked and measured, now just need to generate my pattern. So far, I loved swatching the inventive stitch pattern on the fronts — I’m very impressed with the designer, as I never would have thought of it! I’ve yet to finish a CustomFit cardigan (though who can forget the one I struggled through during Cardipalooza?), but I think this will be the one!

Do you think I can finish before #sskal ends? I’ve got a bit under a month, but no stripey ends to weave in this time, so that’s on my side!