We had the summer all mapped out, my family and I. We’d move just after school let out, and then have a couple of weeks at our new home before I left for the super-awesome Super Summer KniTogether and a visit to my family in Maine.

Nothing too close together, a busy summer for sure, but manageable too. At least, that was the theory!

The practice turned out to be somewhat different, after a problem on our sellers’ end meant that we were unexpectedly without a home for some time… …and then the move and all of the travel squished together into one big logistical blob.


It’s all over but our time in Maine now, though, and we’re thrilled with our new digs. Everyone is looking forward to an August full of lazy summer days, unpacking, and knitting.


(Okay, that last part might just be me.)

Because after all that, I haven’t even finished a single sweater this last month. (When was the last time that happened?!) My SSKAL tank is languishing, a different bit of lusciousness is waiting for my attention, and there are at least 5 more sweaters I want before fall.

How has your summer been, and what have you been knitting?