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CustomFit: More Answers

Thanks so much for your comments and follow-ups, here and on Ravelry, about the recipes post. I’ll respond in the comments, too, but some questions popped up often enough that I wanted to take a moment and add a few points to my last post. On what CustomFit is: CustomFit generates new, custom sweater patterns.  Continue Reading

CustomFit and Design: Recipes

Partially- and fully-finished sweaters are piling up, yarn is crammed into and onto every available surface, and people coming into my office generally back out again, slowly and making eye contact the whole way. (Translation: We’re nearing photoshoot time for the next book. Want some sneak peeks?) But before I dive back into my wool  Continue Reading

Waist Shaping (yes, you need some)

Waist shaping is one of the single most important things you can do to get a fabulous-looking sweater. Whatever your shape. Done the traditional way, decreases and increases are worked at the side edges of your body pieces, creating a garment with hourglass-shaped sides: (Typical decrease row: Knit 1, ssk, knit to last 3 stitches,  Continue Reading

Go, team!

I tend to think of myself as a fairly cautious, reserved person, in general. I like to observe, think, consider, and weigh options before I act. This summer, when I left my day job, I was taking an exceedingly rash plunge (at least for me). All through the whirlwind of the fall, through the insane  Continue Reading

Interlude: Bretton Woods Collection and Patterns

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses to collections as a way to release patterns. I really appreciate knowing what works for you! In the end I decided on a hybrid approach: I’ll release my sweater patterns in groups, all at the same time, and offer them both ways: In collections, and as  Continue Reading

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