While I love all knitting, and do occasionally design all kinds of knitted things, my true passion is for sweaters. I love sweaters, and it’s so important to me that any of the sweaters you make should be wardrobe staples: Favorites that you wear again, and again, and again.

There are two ways to knit my sweaters.

The traditional way: First, I release all of my sweaters (regardless of where they’re published) as traditional patterns in twelve sizes. Using one of these traditional patterns will require that you calculate any modifications you need for fit. My recommended approach to doing so, discussed in my books, classes, and here on this blog, is to begin by choosing a size that fits your shoulders properly. Please, explore all of my resources on fitting sweaters by hand.

CustomFit. If modification math doesn’t interest you, never fear! I’ve created CustomFit: An online custom sweater pattern generator that will take your body measurements, your specific gauge, and create a new pattern just for you – no modifications required.

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